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Welcome to paws 4 thought pet tags pet id tags fo dogs and cats large and small we engrave them all.

Keep your beloved dog or cat safe with pet ID tags. Deeply engraved to ensure that your vital information won't wear away, our high-quality tags come to you with a free split ring to attach your tag to the collar of your pet. If your pet is wearing one of these brass collar tags, you'll enjoy far more peace of mind.

ID tags for dogs

Having your dog by your side is a dream come true - and losing it could be an absolute nightmare. If the worst comes to the worst, then you'll want your faithful pooch returned home as quickly as possible. Dog tags are a tried and tested way to ensure that happens.

Your dog may well be microchipped, but most members of the public don't have the know-how or the technology to scan your information. It's quicker and easier to slip a brass dog tag onto your pet's collar, with the relevant info to ensure that whoever finds your four-legged friend can help get it back to you.

A tag on your dog's collar is also very useful if your dog gets lost and is found by the police or other authorities. A dog without a collar will usually be assumed to be a stray and may end up in the pound. If your contact information is clearly engraved on your dog's ID tag, then it will be clear at once that your pet is not a stray, but rather a beloved pet.

ID tags for cats

You might not think that your cat needs a collar tag or even a collar - but if your pet ever has access to the outdoors, it's essential. Even if your cat is safely at home, as an indoor cat, it could still escape if a door or window is left ajar. A scared cat alone in an unfamiliar world is a recipe for disaster - so keep things safe with an ID tag.

Again, without a tag, people will often assume that your cat is a stray. Even if your cat doesn't get lost, putting a collar on your pet tells people that it already has an owner. Some bold cats may be taken in and fed by well-meaning neighbours. This can lead to your cat overeating and putting on weight, and also make it less likely to return at night. Some cats have been known to take up with a new family, who mistakenly believe that they've found a friendly stray in need of a loving home. Stop that from happening with a cat collar and tag.

What should you write on your pet's ID tag?

We use the latest in engraving technology to give a clear result and ensure that your information is easy to read. Our deep engraving means that you don't need to worry about your contact details rubbing off, even if your dog loves running through the mud!

So what information should you put on a pet's ID tag? The most important piece is your phone number. This is how the person who finds your pet will be able to contact you, so make sure to choose a number that you use regularly. For most people, that means going for a mobile rather than a landline.

If your pet is microchipped, you can put a note on the tag explaining that. This means that, if people can't get through to you on the phone, they're more likely to take your missing pet to a vet and get the information scanned.

The question of what name to put on a pet's tag is an important one. Many experts recommend not putting a dog's name on an ID tag, as it can help dog thieves. If a thief knows your pet's name, he might have an easier time gaining the animal's trust. This is particularly important if you have a valuable dog, such as a pedigree or an exotic breed. In this case, you should put your own surname instead.

However, in the case of a cat, you don't usually have to worry. Cats are fiercely independent creatures who set their own rules and don't usually care if a stranger seems to know their name.

If you have enough space, you might want to include your address, too. Some cat owners like to engrave their pet ID tags with a phrase like "Please don't feed me". This is very useful if your feline tends to wander the neighbourhood, manipulating neighbours and enjoying multiple suppers! It will also mean that other households know your cat is a pet, and not astray in search of a new home.

Finally, if your pet has any important allergies to common products that could lead to dangerous or threatening situations, choose a double-sided collar tag so you have enough space to include a warning.

What types of pet ID tag are available?

A basic pet ID tag is made from sturdy brass or nickel. Choose a single or double-sided model. Our deep engraving remains of the same high quality whichever design you go for, so if you want to include more information, you won't need to compromise on quality.

As well as basic designs, you can also choose something a little fancier for your pet. Bone-shaped dog ID tags are a popular choice, and you'll also be able to choose colourful, glittery pet collar tags to give your faithful companion a little touch of bling! These are available in different colours, so you can go crazy and choose a style that really suits your pet. Diamante and glitter tags add a touch of sparkle, perfect for the fashion-forward pet!

All of our pet ID tags have softly rounded edges, so there's no danger of your dog or cat cutting themselves by accident. A simple hole attaches the tag to your pet's collar, and these tags are as easy to put on as a keyring, and just as secure.

What's the difference between cat and dog ID tags?

We use the same engraving technology and carefully selected materials on both dog and cat tags. However, we recommend that if you are choosing a collar tag for a cat, you look for one that has been specifically designed for feline friendliness. There is one key reason for this: size.

The size of your pet tag is important. It's quite simple: the smaller the pet, the smaller the tag. That means that cats or toy dogs such as Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terriers should only have a small collar tag. An ID tag that's too big for your pet can irritate them, as it no longer stays balanced right at the centre of the throat. For this reason, cat tags have their own section on our website. Although they're made from the same sturdy materials as a dog tag, they're on a smaller scale, which is more suitable for a fine. Dog ID tags can be chosen according to size.

How long will a pet collar tag last?

Our pet tags are built to last. We're pet owners ourselves, so we know what kind of hijinks dogs and cats can get up to. By using quality metal in the production of these tags, we ensure that they stand up to the kind of boisterous play that your pet might love to indulge in.

Good quality pet tags should not be affected by harsh weather conditions or getting wet or dirty. Deep engraving ensures that the writing stays put, and won't rub off or wear out even after years.

It's true that pet collar tags occasionally need replacing. This is usually because the tag has got lost. For example, a cat may lose a collar, and the tag with it, while exploring. Indeed, elasticated collars - the safest kind for your cat to wear - are designed to slip off if your cat gets stuck on something, so that the animal won't choke. The tag itself will rarely fall off, as it is securely held in place with a keyring-style design.

The most important time to replace your dog or cat ID tag is when your circumstances change. If you get a new phone number, be sure that your new tag reflects that. This should be done as a matter of priority - don't leave it until it's too late! For this reason, we recommend using a mobile rather than landline number on your pet collar tag, as it's more likely to stay the same over the years.

What type of collar should your dog wear?

There are a huge number of dog collars on the market. If you have a puppy, use a training collar and check the fit regularly. As your dog grows, you'll need to replace it from time to time to ensure it's comfortable. A collar should never be too tight on your dog's neck. Check that you can slip two fingers under the collar.

Never use a punishment style collar that chokes or shocks your dog. These are cruel, and there are better ways to train your pet, using positive reinforcement.

Some dogs tend to pull a lot on their leash or enjoy the challenge of trying to escape from a collar. If that's the case, you should look for a harness instead. A dog ID tag fits as easily onto a harness as it does onto a collar, so you'll enjoy exactly the same benefits. Harnesses are also recommended for certain breeds, such as pugs, whose flat faces and thick necks make collars an uncomfortable and restrictive choice.

Which collars are best for cats?

Cats should always have an elasticated collar. This isn't necessary for dogs, but cats tend to get tangled up in small spaces, and an elasticated collar means they'll be able to escape. For added peace of mind, look for a reflective elasticated collar. These are available in different colours and will help drivers spot your cat when it's trying to cross the road at night.

As with a dog, it's important that your cat collar is the right size. You'll need to size up as your kitten becomes an adult cat. Regularly check the fit of the collar. Some cats gain and lose weight easily, and the circumference of their necks can change. An adjustable collar will allow you to alter the fit quickly. It shouldn't be tight enough to be in any way restrictive, but equally, it mustn't hang loosely from your cat's neck.

Some cat owners like to buy a cat collar with a bell attached. This is a good choice if you want to stop an enthusiastic hunter from catching the local birds, and will also alert you to your cat when it's trying to pounce on your feet at home!

Where are our pet ID tags made?

Our dog and cat tags are made here in the UK and also in the far east, We engrave and despatch our pet tags at our specially designed premises in Norfolk. Here we continue to make and engrave cat and dog collar tags every day, paying the same close attention to detail to each one that goes through our production line.

We have a group of staff with experience making pet ID tags, who approach the task with exactly the kind of precision that you need. If you have any questions or doubts, we are always happy to resolve them, so please get in touch with us.

Our Norfolk location also has the bonus of allowing us quick delivery throughout the UK. That's why we're able to offer next day delivery across the country, so your pet collar tag will be with you very soon after you place the order. There's no need to wait weeks with an unidentified pet!

Contact Us

Not sure which collar tag is right for your pet? Having doubts about what information to include? We have an experienced team who have spent years working in the world of pet ID tags and are more than happy to help you out with advice or help.

If you have any questions, doubts, or if you'd just like more information, we're always happy to hear from you. Contact us on 01493 722416 or email