Holiday Pet id Tags

Tuesday 25th April 2017

A holiday pet id tag is a must for your piece of mind.With summer holidays almost here  it makes perfectly good sense to buy a holiday pet id tag.As soon as you know the address of where you are staying and the contact details of your holiday destination, order a…

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Easter Dog Walks in Norfolk

Wednesday 12th April 2017

Well Easter is nearly here and its time to take your four legged friends for a long walk, There are plenty of lovely places to go in Norfolk with your dog and let them have a good run around. don't forget to make sure that they have there new pet…

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Dog id Tags and Microchips

Friday 24th March 2017

While it is compulsory in the UK to embed an identity microchip in your pet, you should also have a clearly visable Pet identification tag.Most animal sanctuaries and the RSPCA have scanners that detect and  read the data on microchips, so they are a reliable way to properly  identify the…

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Treat your dog to a beautiful solid brass pet tag

Friday 24th March 2017

After all the love you receive from you dog, you should give him or her a treat in return. Why not take them for a long walk, play fetch or better still buy them a solid polished brass pet tag. Paws 4 thought pet tags hand make theses tags from solid…

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National Puppy Day

Monday 13th March 2017

Your Pet has an incredible ability to instantly make you feel great. They can sense when you are feeling down or anxious and have an amazing ability to make you feel better. My Shih Tzu can sense if I’m stressed and she jumps up on my lap and then cuddles…

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