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Why Choose Us

Why choose us?

There are numerous companies supplying engraved pet tags, therefore you  - the consumer - has a extremely broad selection of distributors and  tag styles.

Many of us are providing simply the identical style of product or  service, so you are likely to be a little more concerned with service,  price and quality.


Within our business, service is what genuinely matters most. Read  through a lot of our consumer testimonails from others to see what  people are saying about us. We all know that service is critical,  therefore we get the job done incredibly promptly to get those pet tags  to you by way of Royal Mail, as quickly as possible. In many instances,  we are able to get them to you the next day you order them.


Many pet tags might Appear very similar - particularly when a person  looks at them as a "image" on-line - but usually, there might be huge  variations in quality. Paws 4 Thought Pet Tags sells only the highest  quality tags available. We really do not stock cheap knock-offs or  substandard tags.

Needless to say this means that while you trawl the online world  searching at the options offered, you might see people marketing what  seem to be the exact same tags as we do, and perhaps they are less  expensive! Generally speaking, less expensive tags are simply that ...  cheap. They are usually made using much softer metal alloys and  therefore are poorly covered, therefore the plating soon wears away  (often over a couple of weeks).

And because they're produced from much softer, less expensive metal alloys, the engraving is prone to wearing away.

It's your choice, obviously, and we might hope that you spend a pound  or two extra now, and have a tag that's of much better made, than that  you simply go a budget route and still have to change the tag in 6  months' time.


We believe that we're competitively priced, so we undoubtedly keep  close track of our competitors to make certain we're not pricing our  tags (either too low or too high). Our engraving is free of charge, and  that's quite a time-consuming aspect in making a high quality pet tag.  We use computerised engraving equipment to ensure accuracy.

* Tags ordered at the weekend will be engraved on the Monday, and  mailed as soon as they are done. We do our mailing at 2pm daily  (excluding weekends), so if you get your order in by NOON, we can  usually have it ready to go out with that day's post. Naturally, we  can't guarantee that this is always possible, but we certainly try. If  you need your tag urgently, then please telephone us (SEE CONTACT US  PAGE).