Tags for dogs - make sure your pet is protected.

Tags for dogs - make sure your pet is protected.

Tags for dogs and cats will ensure their quick return should they go on their own little walkabout.

It has never been more important to make sure that your pet has the best form of identification on their collar to guarantee their safe return to you if you become separated. 

You need a tag that is guaranteed for life against the text fading, and that is what we provide here at Paws 4 thought pet tags.

There are thousands of engravers and businesses out there on the internet today and its difficult to choose who to purchase your tag from. We have seen all kinds of pet id tags for dogs and cats and also seen the vast amount copies of original designs being produced on cheaper materials.  We do not stock the inferior tags that get sold on eBay or amazon for a couple of pounds, because if we did you would be complaining to us and we would be forever replacing items. ( in fact we would soon be out of business ).

All the tags for dogs and cats that we sell will have a lifetime guarantee against the details that are engraved onto the item ever fading.
We also engrave out tags a lot different to all the other engravers out there. But this is our secret and that is what makes us the best pet tag engraver.